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18 carat gold chain per meter, Hollow coffee bean diameter 4.70 mm

18 carat gold chain per meter, Hollow coffee bean diameter 4.70 mm

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Hollow coffee bean chain 4.70 mm, 18 carat gold 750 yellow gold, sold by the meter:

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with our hollow 18k 750 gold chain, specially designed for those who seek perfection in their jewelry designs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality craftsmanship, this 18k 750 gold chain embodies luxury and sophistication with every link.


The 18-carat gold chain in 18k 750 yellow gold Coffee Bean mesh is a timeless piece.

This 18-carat gold coffee bean chain is a classic in jewelry offered at an advantageous price. It fits both as an 18k gold coffee bean chain for men and women. Curved, this 18k gold coffee bean chain is supple and pleasant to wear.


18 Carat Gold


Available by the meter

Characteristics of the 18 carat gold coffee bean chain:

  • Mesh width: 4.70 mm
  • Weight per meter: 29 g
  • Sold by the meter (NO CLASP) therefore neither returned nor exchanged

    * If you want a length of chain that is not offered, please contact us by e-mail: .

    Why Choose Our 18k Gold Chain?

    • Superior Quality: Our 18k gold coffee bean chain is made from the highest quality precious metal, ensuring exceptional durability and dazzling shine for your jewelry designs.
    • Timeless Elegance: With its classic design and shiny finish, this 18 carat coffee bean chain adds a touch of refinement to any piece of jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets or personalized creations.
    • Creative Versatility: Whether you are a professional jeweler or a hobby enthusiast, our 18k gold coffee bean chain provides a blank canvas to bring your most daring ideas to life. Its versatility allows you to create unique pieces that captivate and inspire.
    • Assured Reliability: We are committed to providing our customers with products of impeccable quality. Each chain is carefully inspected to ensure consistent excellence.
    • Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team is here to answer all your questions and guide you through your purchasing experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
    • Secure Delivery: Enjoy secure delivery straight to your door, so you can start creating as soon as possible.

    Invest in perfection with our 18k gold coffee bean chain, the essential element for your jewelry creation projects. Order now and let your creativity shine!

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