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18 carat gold wire, pearled, 1.50 mm in diameter, 18k 750 yellow gold wire

18 carat gold wire, pearled, 1.50 mm in diameter, 18k 750 yellow gold wire

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Gold wire 18 carat 750 yellow gold, pearl, 1.50 mm diameter:

Discover the collection of our 750 carat gold threads to enhance your creations of necklaces, bracelets, gold thread rings.

Product Description

18 carat gold wire beaded in real solid yellow gold, 18 carat 750 gold wire 1.50 mm in diameter (14.7 gauges). This beaded thread will without hesitation bring a real touch of elegance to the creation of your jewelry

We also have 9 carat gold beaded wire of 1.50 mm .

Technical characteristics

  • Material : 18 carat gold
  • Type of Gold Wire : beaded gold wire
  • Diameter : 1.50 mm
  • Weight per meter : ~22.50 g
  • Sold by the meter therefore neither returned nor exchanged
  • * If you would like a length of gold wire which is not available, please contact us by e-mail:


        Elegance and prestige thanks to 18 carat gold.
        Exceptional durability for long-term use.


        Perfect for professional jewelers and jewelry design enthusiasts.
        Ideal for making gold wire rings, necklaces, high-end bracelets and unique pieces.

        Price and Availability

        Competitive price of 18k 750 gold wire for unrivaled quality.
        Available in stock in different sizes.

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